The work illustrated here represents only a cross-section of the capabilities of Gila River Gun Works and Michael Scherz who is the sole owner and operator.

" I am always interested in unique projects and approach them from the position of delivering exactly what  you want. Whether that would be a new varmint gun in .20 Vartag or a .550 Magnum for your next Africa Hunt,  I will deliver a rifle that meets your expectations.

Please look through the website to gain a better understanding of who I am and what kind of fine products I can offer you. When you are ready to build a new rifle, get new bases put on your rifle, or upgrade your current rifle, call me so we can work out the details and time frame. Remember that custom work does take time, but I always try to give you an estimate of production time, and when the rifle will be in your hands to prepare for your next hunt. "

~Michael Scherz